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From the Chair - Volume 1!

Published Mon 30 Oct 2023

Dear GSA Clubs and Members,

I hope this message finds you all in good spirits as we kick off another exciting softball season. As the Chairperson of the Geraldton Softball Association, I am thrilled to provide you with a comprehensive update on the season's start and some important reminders.

The opening weeks of this season have been nothing short of fantastic. It's heartening to see the Ballpark come to life with both familiar faces and newcomers alike. The GSA has seen a whopping 27% increase in registered members through RevSports this season and this will be a continued focus of the current Board over the season and working into next season, how we can continue to grow the GSA. The overwhelming positivity and feedback we've received as a Board on the changes that have been implemented are a testament to the collective effort of our dedicated Board, our Clubs and all members. We thank you the Clubs and members as your support has played a pivotal role in shaping our competition, and for that, we are immensely grateful.

We're delighted to report on a few successes to date. Firstly, that the introduction of the Women's Division 3 has been met with resounding approval. The level of competitiveness across all games in Division 2 & 3, is in itself a testament that the split in divisions was worthwhile. We're excited to witness the growth and development in this division as the season unfolds.

We have welcomed a new club, in Gunduwa to the GSA family. Their enthusiastic approach and commitment to the sport have been truly inspiring. Congratulations to all involved in making this addition to our association such a success.

Recently we held a Scorers clinic, where new and experienced scorers were able share knowledge and upskill each other on the art of scoring. Following the clinic, a "Scorers group" was formed and the majority of members attended and scored a live Men's Division 1 game together. The group keep in contact via a chat to share questions and advice as well as support each other in all things scoring and softball. This is a fantastic initiative from all involved and something I love seeing for a group of members that we can't live without in softball! 

Speaking of people we can't live without, Our umpires have been doing an exceptional job. Notably, we've witnessed new faces stepping up to officiate in higher divisions, including Division 1 and all have done a commendable job! To further enhance the quality of officiating in our games, we're excited to announce an upcoming Umpire Clinic. We encourage all interested members to participate and contribute to the growth of this crucial aspect of our sport. Details will be posted on Facebook and to clubs in the coming week!

This past Saturday night's,  Welcome Back to Softball Bash was a highlight for all who attended. Although it was a horrible windy night, we had a great turn out and everyone enjoyed the entertainment put on by James McDonald! I was continually asked on the night, "when are we doing this again?" and therefore, I will make a promise that the GSA will organise another little shindig as long as you all promise to bring your friends and dancing shoes! Therefore, keep an eye out and keep your Santa hats ready!

Hola, Buena suerte Jy! One of our very own, Jy Thurston, is set to represent Australia on the softball diamond in the coming weeks in Mexico. This is not just a significant achievement for Jy but also a point of pride for the entire GSA community. We have always batted above our weight when it comes to the level of our talent and our competitions but to have a member pull on the Green and Gold is such an amazing accomplishment. Let's unite in support and wish him every success in this remarkable journey (Keep an eye out on our FB page for updates on the tournament).

The GSA Board has been very busy to say the least with many tasks, one such task has our board members diligently exploring new sponsorship opportunities, and I am pleased to inform you that we have made significant progress in this regard. In the coming weeks, we will be making announcements about new and returning sponsors. We kindly request all our members to show their support for these sponsors as they play a crucial role in the continued success of our association.

While the start of the season has been Awesome, it has not all been smooth sailing. As with any new system, the initial weeks of the season presented a few challenges, particularly in adapting to the use of RevSports and updated By-Laws. We believe this has led to a few learnings for all clubs (and the Borad) but now we hope that everyone is on board and on the right path especially when it comes to player eligibility! I commend al clubs for being understanding in the Boards enforcement of our By-Laws on these matters.

One very important area of discussion that has been highlighted from the first few weeks is the gap in our competition when it comes to our Rookies. It is unfortunate that in the recent past, we have not had the ability or numbers to cater for this age group and it was something on my mind to work towards for next season but this has now been fast tracked. We acknowledge as an Association that there is a glaring need for a clear pathway for our rookie-aged players. In light of this, we are exploring the possibility of introducing a new Rookie Competition. I do not know how this will look but we welcome your thoughts and expressions of interest in this endeavor. An email has been sent to clubs from our Player Development Officer and I will also follow up with clubs to gauge numbers and the viability of some options. I really hope we are able to work together to get something off the ground as soon as possible. 


Some Important Reminders:


Raking of diamonds: We kindly ask the home team on Diamonds 1 and 2 to fulfill their duty of raking the cut-out areas. Scorers, please take note if this task is not completed and, if possible, provide a photo to the GSA if any diamonds remain unraked. Your cooperation is essential in maintaining the quality of our facilities.

Umpire Punctuality: This season, we have allowed umpires more leeway regarding punctuality. Please be aware that the Plate umpire must report to the scorers at least 10 minutes before the game's start time, while Base umpires should be ready at the commencement of the game. Ensuring timely starts enhances the overall experience for everyone involved.

A Call for Respect: Lastly, it has come to our attention that some unsavory language and abusive behavior have crept into our Ballpark over the past couple of weeks. I want to emphasise that our association stands firmly against any form of abuse or foul language, especially when directed at fellow members or umpires. The GSA Board is taking a no-nonsense approach to this issue. We kindly request that, where possible, clubs take proactive measures to address and eradicate such behavior. Whether you are a coach, committee member, or a member at large, let's all strive for a community that fosters respect, courtesy, and inclusivity. If you witness any inappropriate behavior, please do not hesitate to report it to your club and the GSA Board for appropriate action.


Once again, Thank you for your continued commitment and support and for a great start to our season. Together, we can make this season memorable and continue to build a strong, united, and passionate softball community.


PS - I hear Colorful socks are all the rage so I look forward to an increased Sock Game from everyone!


Warm regards,


Paul Valenti

Chairperson - Geraldton Softball Association

Ph: 0437161929

E: chair@geraldtonsoftball.com.au





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